Compassion, Empowerment and Community.


two women and one man volunteerHere in Comfort Foundation, we do not hire people or professionals to carry out the projects that we plan for our beneficiaries. It is, us, the core group, the foundation members, and our volunteers who do all the work to make all our programs possible.

So we invite you to also join us and extend your time, talents, gifts, and efforts for free. If you volunteer and sign up with us, you will enjoy these wonderful benefits:

  • learn from and work with equally hardworking, talented, and generous people;
  • be exposed to more social issues and contribute to providing solutions;
  • know more about mental health and get to teach others about it;
  • understand the root of suicide and can even apply it to your personal situation;
  • have the chance to contribute your own efforts to help others;
  • have a more productive thing to do during your free time;
  • get to experience and learn things that will be helpful for you in school or at work.

When you volunteer, you do not only give a portion of yourself, but you also get to give yourself the gift of having a piece of the people you get to interact with. Volunteering is such an enriching experience that we want you to encounter, too.

If you want to know more about our current and future projects and are looking for ways by which you can contribute, do not hesitate to call us for more details.

Phone: 469-487-3469

Help us to help more people in the community. Be a volunteer for Comfort Foundation or send your donations. Thank you for your generosity.