Compassion, Empowerment and Community.


group of volunteer are cleaningAs a non-profit organization, Comfort Foundation relies on the help of benefactors and donors to successfully conduct and sustain programs that are geared towards helping people who are suffering from mental health disorder and clinical depression, children who need support to continue their education, and less fortunate families who need financial aid.

These are the programs that we are currently undertaking:

  • Information Drive on Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Information Drive on Mental Health and Mental Health Illness Awareness and Prevention
  • Educational Scholarships and Students’ Financial Support and Assistance
  • Care for the Poor and the Vulnerable

All of these have been made possible through the combined efforts of our core group, our volunteer, and our donors. We invite you to take part of our concerted effort today. To let us know your interest, kindly call our office today to know how you can help.

Phone: 469-487-3469

Help us to help more people in the community. Be a volunteer for Comfort Foundation or send your donations. Thank you for your generosity.